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My name is Kevin Patrick…


It’s no secret that the world of the small business entrepreneur is changing.

It’s also no secret that our national economic situation is changing.

Therefore, it probably comes as no surprise that your marketing must also change to survive…and change fast.

It’s a fact that younger professionals will be among the last demographics affected by the troubled economy.

So, you must find the best way reach out to this valuable market.

Here’s the simple secret to reaching this group…they almost exclusively use the internet to research their buying decisions. If your business isn’t in front of them when they are online, your business doesn’t exist…and simply having a website isn’t enough anymore.

I’m a nationally recognized expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via the natural (or organic) search results for targeted keywords.

How Does SEO Help The Small Business Owner?

This means that I, Kevin Patrick, can personally get your company’s site to rank higher than your competitor’s website in the search engines, which will give you an increase in the volume and quality of traffic to your website.

Your business must be in the search results to be an option to the masses of people that use the internet to make buying decisions… and if you’re not there your invisible to many of your potential customers.

Being in the search results is not like sticking an ad in a local paper or putting a flyer on a car…where you hope and pray that your ad happens to fall in the lap of a person that is need of your services at that exact moment…cause they won’t remember your ad tomorrow.

As opposed to when you have your site ranking in Google, people that want your services will find you AT THE EXACT MOMENT THEY WANT IT AND ARE READY TO SPEND MONEY.

Someone is sitting in front of their computer right now with a phone in hand ready to call the business that pops up in the search results. This is HUGE!

It can literally be the difference between a thriving business and a failing money pit. These hard economic times only make it more important.

If they don’t see your site in the search engines they will not spend a single dime with you…just with your competitor down the road who happens to show up in the search engine results.

The Economic Slump Makes This a Bad Time to Start an SEO Campaign

You may be thinking, “Kevin Patrick, this sounds interesting…but in this rotten economy I’m not sure about investing in something like this right now.”

Believe me, I understand your thinking…but actually, this is the best time for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. The Web Outperforms Other Sales Channels— over and over again the web provides the highest ROI for marketing dollars.
  2. Right Time to Retool– this is a perfect time to focus attention on how you are using your marketing dollars.
  3. Search Traffic Will Be Relatively Unscathed by the Market—Raw search traffic isn’t going anywhere. Internet penetration and searches per user are consistently rising.
  4. Prices for SEO Consulting Provide Some of The Highest ROI—It’s not as expensive as many people think, and it provides a whole new stream of revenue.

Even If You Don’t Use The Internet,There are a TON of Your Potential Customers That Do

How does your website stand up to your competitors?

Do you need every possible customer you can get to weather the storm through this economic downturn?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hand-off your website to a dedicated pro?

If you’re like most of my clients who come to me exhausted, stressed-out and fed up with trying to capture more customers from the internet, you’re probably also experiencing one or more of these other symptoms:

  • You’re sick of being invisible to the web savvy masses , and tired of seeing all their money go to your competitors.
  • You’re worried that if you don’t change something soon, your business will not survive these hard economic times.
  • You’re frustrated with the lack of business your website brings in day after day.
  • You HATE trying to keep up with the latest web technologies and fumbling around with your website, and ending up with something that is inefficient, primitive…and maybe even embarrassing.
  • You can’t seem to make the money you’ve spent on your website to pay off, and feel caught between a rock and a hard place.
  • You’re tired of seeing that really irritating competitor at the top of the search results for the keywords you want your business to rank for!

Tell me, does this sound just a little too familiar? Are you reaching for your Pepto to ease the queasiness even now? Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’d Like to Offer You a Practical, Proven Solution to Get More Business from the Internet Than Your Competition

Now before your scam-alert sensor sounds, let me just say this is not a quick fix.

Your website won’t magically jump to #1 in Google overnight and your phone will not start ringing off the hook tomorrow but over a short period of time (usually 1-2 months) you will see your website climb the in the search engine’s results.

This means more business for you!

I can’t help you read an x-ray or explain the new tax code…but what I do know how to do…get small business websites to rank at the top of the search engines…I do REALLY well.

In fact, I’d say I do it better than anyone else you may receive a similar offer from. I have plenty of client testimonials to back this claim up.

By retaining my services:

  • You’ll be able to proudly see your business and name show up in the top of the search results, which give you and your business instant credibility.
  • You’ll never have to fuss and fuddle with your website again, or spend days waiting for your webmaster to call you back if you have questions or changes.
  • You’ll want to give out your website address to friends and family to show it off!
  • Your website will be a direct marketing machine that captures leads from the people that visit your site.
  • You can have an automated sales process built into your site to help you automatically follow up with prospects…which means more business for you, with less busy work.

Being at the top of the search engine results, and having a compelling website that captures visitor information will become a profitable money magnet, that easily captures the hearts and wallets of your customers, and dramatically boosts your bottom line.

I’ve got the answers. The question is…

“Are you ready to be the
that I will help get to the top of the search engine results…
or will you continue to struggle and strain
with your current website and let your competitors rule the internet?”

Don’t let this opportunity come and go, while you sit back as a spectator, watching your competition secure the hearts (and wallets) of the internet-savvy and affluent population. You won’t be disappointed

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